-   ABOUT US  -

We're a Southland owned and operated business that specializes in amazing outdoor bits and bob's you can light on fire - or not, i guess thats upto you. 


We're pretty proud of our pizza oven's that are slowly getting out and about around New Zealand. Let hope this keeps on happening!

We design everything you see on here including the website  - designed, lasercut, built and assembled while wearing our big boy pants in our workshop.


What do we have? Pizza Ovens....but you know this, we also have firepits, laser-cut garden ornaments that are perfect for light fittings, custom designed privacy or decorative paneling, letterbox/gate/fence signage.


Custom! We do heaps/everything like all the time, so just ask and be creative - we'll give it a good old nudge.


Being Southland based - we know cold, thats why we specialize in stuff that burns.