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Cooking outdoors isn’t just about the end result, it’s about enjoying the journey.

If you’re looking for the best in outdoor wood fired pizza ovens, here it is!


Our freestanding pizza oven sets you up with everything you need to start cooking with fire and enjoying the superior wood fired cooking experience. The freestanding oven is ready to use and will quickly become to go-to space for outdoor living. Fire up your oven, gather your family and friends, and start experimenting with outdoor cuisine.


Our ovens are big enough to cook two large pizzas side by side, so you won’t have to wait long before tucking in!


What's included with purchase: 

  • Our high quality wood fired oven
  • Removable flue
  • Door with temperature gauge
  • Pizza peel
  • Brick brush
  • 240v Rotisserie kit
  • Outdoor cover
  • Powder coated stand with legs*


*Legs will need to be bolted to the oven.


Regulations for installation.

It needs to be positioned on a flat service and must be a minimum 100mm from a combustible surface.


To purchase this oven, please fill out the contact form and we'll be able to provide you with an estimated delivery time and shipping costs as these vary between the North and South Island.


At this point, we can't process online payments - Charred Living will send an invoice and once accepted, the product will be sent.

Charred Living Pizza Oven - Freestanding

SKU: 0013
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