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Set off your outdoor area with a Charred Living Pizza Oven.


Cooking with fire is the ultimate...there's no two ways about it. The whole process from establishing and tending the fire, to the end result - beautiful smoke infused offerings.

Bringing the party outside and cooking with your friends and family is a Kiwi dream, and we know you'll love getting them huddled around one of our beautiful ovens


Our Pizza Ovens are the real deal for having a cook up, whether it's;

Pizza, Pork Belly, Sunday Roast, Spare Ribs, breads, puddings or a leg of lamb on the Rotisserie, you can cook it up in this bad boy. If you can cook it in the oven or bbq, you can cooked it in a Charred Living Pizza Oven.


The fire is fully contained with the flu positioned at the front so the heat rolls over the top.

When using dry wood this Pizza Oven will give off no sparks or embers making it safe for everyone!




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