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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell without the stand?

Yes! We have our bench mounted pizza ovens which can be installed on your own base or we can custom build you a stand that fits your space.

Can they stay outside year-round?

Yes, an outdoor cover comes with each purchase. All the components pack down inside the oven under cover.

Is there somewhere people can view before purchase?

Please enquire and we will be in touch.

How many pizzas can you cook at once?

You can fit two large pizzas side by side.

What can you cook other than pizza and rotisserie?

Chops, roast vegetables, bacon & eggs, ribs, bread and of course char some marshmallows for the whole family.

What temperature do they get up to?

Farking hot. Depends greatly on what type of wood used.

How long does it take to heat up?

Allow 45-60mins.

Can the flue be extended? Any extra cost?

Yes it can. There will be an extra cost so please contact us to arrange. Spark arrestors can also be fitted to the flue at extra cost.

How do you clean it?

We include a brick brush and a scotch brite pad with each purchase. Check out this video showing the best cleaning method.

Benefit/difference in stainless steel vs brick pizza ovens?

Stainless Steel is great as you can clean and it looks like new, it doesn’t crack. You can move our pizza ovens around your property (on wheels that can be purchased additionally).

Are there regulations for installation?

Needs to be positioned on a flat service and must be a minimum of 100mm from a combustible surface.

I’ve sent a message to order my pizza oven, now what?

We will advise you of freight costs to your nearest freight depot if freight is required. If you intend to collect we will call you when your new oven is ready.

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