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Focus on bringing people together.

Transform your own backyard into the social hub of your home. Bringing your family and friends together around the warmth and flame of your pizza oven will have you wondering what you ever did before.

We are a Southland owned and operated business that specialises in amazing outdoor pizza ovens and accessories.

Our products are built to last, look amazing, and make cooking at home something everyone will not only enjoy – but look forward to. They are designed and built in-house with New Zealand weather conditions in mind. Not just for those beaut Kiwi summers, you can fire them up in the cold, dark days of winter too. With an extra layer of clothing, you can make fresh, piping hot meals even in the frost.

Want something custom? We can do that too! Whether it be one of our pizza ovens built into an existing outdoor space, a new entertainment area with a tricky space requestion or just want something unique, get in touch. Our team love a challenge and seeing custom builds come together.

We New Zealanders have a deep love of the outdoors, so why not give yourself another excuse to be out in the elements. Make great memories with the heat of a flame, great stories, and even better - flame-cooked food.

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